Brenda R. Fernández

BRENDA R. FERNÁNDEZ. Artista visual

Creating is my act of Hope.  It is how I relate to my feelings, to my body, and its memory. Through the body, we experience reality, we get to know our surroundings, we communicate who we are and we relate to the world.  Through the dynamics of recognising others and ourselves, we generate impulses in the subconscious that are imprinted in our minds, leaving traces in our memory.


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Summertime Art, Genova, Italy, July 2022

Basel 2022, Basel, Switzerland, June 2022

Hamptons Fine Art Fair 2022, New York, USA, July 2022

Art Fairs

Contemporary & Fine Art Cannes Biennale,Cannes, France, May 2022

BADA, Mexico City, Mexico, February 2022

BADA, Mexico City, Mexico, February 2020

Art 3f Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium, November 2019

International Contemporary Art Fairat Le Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, October 2019

Collective Exhibitions

PAKS Gallery, Hubertebdorf, Austria,March – June 2021

PAKS Gallery, Werndl, Austria,September – December 2020

Vignettes & Baez Furniture and Art, Mexico City,October – December 2020

PAKS Gallery, Hubertebdorf, Austria,March – June 2020

Collective Art Show, Van Gogh Art Gallery,Madrid, Spain, February 2020

MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Vienna, Austria,September 2019 – January 2020

Paks Gallery, Munich, Germany, August 2019

First Cuban-Mexican Plastic Arts Salon, Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Mexico, October 1997

Solo Exhibitions

Destramando, Galeria Torre del Reloj, Mexico City, February 2017

Colores Injustos, Galería Soltik, Mexico City, February 1999

Casandra, Museo Adolfo López Mateos,State of Mexico, April 1997

Lacandona, Ateneo Español, Mexico City, September 1997

Casandra, Centro Cultural Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz,State of Mexico, September 1997

Cuerpos, Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros,Mexico City, March 1996

Traveling Exhibitions

Avatares (5 individual expositions),Chiapas State Council for Arts and Culture Consejo.February – May 1998, Chiapas

Arbolárea (4 individual expositions),October 1994 – January 1995, Mexico City

Pinturas al Óleo (6 individual expositions),July 1992 – February 1993,Cultural spaces of the Mexican Social SecurityInstitute (IMSS), Mexico City


Mural Work

Generaciones, Panteón Francés,Mexico City, 1998 – 2005

Awards and Honors

Certificate of Artistic Merit, Luxembourg Art Prize 2021

Certificate of Artistic Merit, Luxembourg Art Prize 2020

Honorable Mention, Circle Foundation of Arts, 3rd International CFA Artist of the Year Award,

United States, January 2020


Giovanna Barragán

Giovanna Barragán

Laura Chan

Laura Chan

Fabiana Vaccarezza

Fabiana Vaccarezza

Gabriel Ortíz

Gabriel Ortíz

Pablo Caso

Pablo Caso

Marta Carceller

Marta Carceller





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